What’s the hottest time of day?

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What is the hottest time of the day in Grand Prairie. – The horizontal axis is the day of the year, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, Texas? hottest day time What – Fhaloansapplication – Hottest Day in Texarkana Texas – Answers.com – I’ve been to Texas before and there is no hottest day because every single day is so hot you wouldn’t even know what day it even was.you.

122 DEGREES: On June 26, 1990 it hit the hottest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix. We dug into our archives for our news segment parks coffee Houston from that day, time lapse video shows the massive dust storm rolling in over Tempe earlier tonight.

– (Beginner) So the hottest time of day is some time in the afternoon, but exactly when in the afternoon depends on where you are and what time of year it is. There’s some more explanation on this page at the national geophysical data Center website.

Full Answer. Many believe that noon is the hottest time of the day, but it is the time of the day with the most direct sunlight. This sunlight is responsible for heating up the earth’s atmosphere. It takes time for the atmosphere to heat up. The diurnal cycle is the day and night cycle that is created when the earth turns on its axis.

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