How To Get High For The First Time

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They smoke, and nothing seems to happen. People have varying theories on what causes this, but the most likely answer is that first time smokers don’t yet know to inhale into their lungs rather than just into their mouth. 2 .You get really, really high – in a good way. That’s right, there isn’t much middle ground.

Tomorrow i am going over to a friends hose to smoke Weed for the first time. I am kind of nervous because i do not know what it’s effects will be on me. I am not worried at all about getting caught because my friends parents and my parents Smoke weed together also ha ha. I am just worried that i might have a Heart attack or even pass out or something crazy like that.

First time smoking pot is a unique experience. You might enjoy it a lot, you might walk away undecided, or you might not get high at all.

First-time pot smokers may need to be "broken in" before they can experience the "high" feeling. I actually tend to lend some credence to this theory; in my own personal weed odyssey, I didn’t get high for the first time until the fourth time I smoked. Consciousness is a very subjective thing.

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They say you never forget your first time, though in the case of your first high it'd be perfectly understandable if you did. Maybe you had a.

First hit, you almost cough up a lung. You feel nothing. A couple more hits, you just start to feel it taking effect. 1, maybe 2 more depending on the weed/person and your stuck to the couch, chair bed etc. That’s what getting high for the first time feels like.

Take a deep breath, smile a little, and slowly lean in toward your partner. You don’t have to get it right the first time and remember, he or she may be just as nervous as you are!

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They say you never forget your first time, though in the case of your first high it'd be perfectly understandable if you did. Maybe you had a.

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