Conform Vs Confirm

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Hi! What is the difference between "conform with/to" and "comply with" in the meaning of "obey rules". I have consulted several dictionaries, but still can’t find clear explanation except for the fact that "comply" is formal. But this explanation doesn’t fit because I came across this word in informal context.(It was one of Longman tests)

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“I confirm that I am obsessed with the security of Italian citizens. holiday in Italy he called Conte’s accusations unfair and said that his actions conform with the constitution. The League leader.

The project obviously died over the years, but Carpenter did confirm to Ain’t It Cool back in 2006 that. is exiling all citizens who don’t conform to his hyper-conservative views to Los Angeles,

Summary of Conform vs. Confirm. The terms conform and confirm are both English words, classified under verbs. Verbs are words that show some form of action. Conform can be used to show compliance with rules and regulations or consistency say in manufacturing or production.

“We randomly selected 30 players for driver testing as we did at last year’s Championship, and we can confirm the statement that Xander. players so that they can ensure that their drivers conform.

As verbs the difference between conform and confirm is that conform is (intransitive|of persons|often followed by to) to act in accordance with expectations; to behave in the manner of others, especially as a result of social pressure while confirm is.

However, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wants to clamp down on contractors abusing the system by making public sector bodies treat them as salaried workers unless they can prove they conform to IR35.

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